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    The Centurion Fi25 is new for 2019. Built on our crazy-efficient Opti-V hull, the Fi25 stretches the available room and comfort in its 25-foot hull. It can accommodate up to 17 people and their gear while still offering great fuel efficiency. Great for surfing as well as wakeboarding.  In this case, the first impression is reliable. The 25-foot length of the new Centurion Fi25 evokes the same reaction as an extended luxury car. Room to share, and room to spare.

    Just more. More space. More storage. More options. Choose from hex pattern accents or all-over hex pattern interior vinyl design. Enjoy the new in-floor ice chest and make use of the new quick-release lounge cushions to configure your ideal zone.

    Centurion offers the largest sub-floor ballast standard that does not encroach on storage areas like the Fi25 that has 2950lbs of subfloor ballast.  With as many as 7 precisely placed ballast locations that combine for the 5550-pounds of ballast, the industry’s largest factory ballast capacity in a 25-foot boat.

    Centurion’s Opti-V hull design displaces more water, to form the world’s best waves quickly on either side and creates side-to-side balance for perfectly symmetrical wakeboard wakes. With 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom, as much as double the degree of V as any other towboat, Centurion’s Opti-V Hull eliminates the shock of rough water for an amazingly smooth ride. Centurion has the World’s best waves, wake and ride. That’s why.  VIP construction, Patented Silent Stinger Wake Plate and GM Marine, create a perfect ride that is inside-voice quiet.

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