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    Power through big water and still have a comfortable ride in the Ri257 while offering the best wakes for both wake boarders and wake surfers. Built on the Opti-V hull, the Ri257 was named an official tow boat for multiple World Class events.

    The Centurion-brand windshield of the Ri257 delivers a first impression that is supported by a streamlined powerhouse look. The black-framed windshield and low profile RAMFILL vent are all business and that business is fun. Customize your color choices to express your personality.

    Room for the extended family, and then some. With space for up to 18 people, this boat has extended comfort zones, so no need to leave anyone behind. Need leg room? You got it. Huge cooler capacity? All there. In a word – spacious. Not to mention cushy, thanks to the 17-mil marine vinyl top coat.

    Centurion offers the largest sub-floor ballast standard that does not encroach on storage areas like the Ri257 that has 3050lbs of subfloor ballast.

    The new DropZone Auto Tower folds up quickly and smoothly at the push of a button. Custom made for Centurion by Roswell.

    VIP construction, Patented Silent Stinger Wake Plate and GM Marine, create a perfect ride that is inside-voice quiet.

    Download the PDF build sheet coming soon! Call the store in the meantime!


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