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    Welcome to the all new Fireball, the most versatile high performance wakesurf board, ever.

    The Fireball is he ultimate cross-over board. The outline and rocker pattern is based around the Phase 5 Matrix – one of the best performing skim style boards ever built, but the construction is true surfboard tech. The Fireball represents a red hot expansion into a realm never before visited in wakesurf design. Set the board up with dual outside surf style fins and blast huge airs and giant bottom turns in the flats. Run it with dual long-base center skim fins and you have a high performance skimmer with a killer combination of traction and buoyancy that will spin effortlessly. If you are looking to upgrade your ride but are having a hard time deciding between a skimmer and a surf style slasher, why not get the Fireball and have both!?

    The Fireball comes with 4.3″ surf style fins for the outside and can run optional skim fins on the inside either instead of or in addition to the outside fins.

    • 53″ x 20.5″ x 1.5″ – 17 Liter Volume = For Riders 130 – 210 lbs.
    • 57″ x 21″x 1.5″ – 19 Liter volume = Up to 250 lbs
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