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Phase 5


  • Description

    The Race evolved from the proven shape of the Phase 5 Wire with a heavier focus on added responsiveness and agility on the water. The Race features a narrower outline drawn straighter with less cure so the Race rocks and rolls effortlessly. A wide diamond tail increases response on the back end for quicker lip slides and 180s. This combination of shape elements gives the board lightning quick response and an active feel. The narrower mid section makes it extremely nimble transitioning from rail to rail. The nose features a diamond shape which will keep the deck stable on 360s and landings. The nose is narrow enough to prevent the board from catching when turning quickly into the wave for spins or airs. This board is stable enough for a beginner to intermediate rider to handle, but is best suited for more experienced riders looking to take their game to the next level.

    • 50.5″ x 18.9″ x 1.7″ – 17 Liter Volume = For Riders 80 – 140 lbs.
    • 53.5″ x 19.25″ x 1.75″ – 18 Liter Volume = For Riders 120 – 190 lbs.
    • 56.5″ x 19.9″ x 1.85″ – 19.5 Liter Volume = For Riders 150 – 230 lbs.
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