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    A new shape and huge hit last summer, the Phase 5 Ahi is equal parts good looks and high performance. This surf style board is as fast and maneuverable through the water as the yellowfin tuna it is named after.

    Last year the Phase 5 Ahi made its debut and was welcomed with open arms, instantly becoming one of the most popular boards in their lineup. What started as a redesign of the once highly popular Aku shape, by the time the project was over the board was so different that the team at Phase 5 figured it needed a new name. The Ahi was born and made a significant splash overnight. Named after the yellowfin tuna, this board exhibits those same speedy characteristics that the Ahi is known for.

    The boxier squash tail gives the Ahi some serious push down the line and explosive pop off the wave. The pulled in nose makes it faster transitioning from rail to rail through turns, carves, and slayshes. Wrapped in Phase 5’s Cudaskin Technology, the board has a light, reactive feel on the water and has a more durable construction than competitor’s high-performance boards. Now built with their new FlightLite Construction, the Ahi is a whole pound lighter than last year. An inlaid carbon fiber helps improve overall strength and add torsional rigidity to the board. Increased tail rocker for this year will further help with the needed boost for those stylish airs. Equipped with a quad fin setup, the Ahi has great hold on turns and all those surf style maneuvers. A thing to note is that the fins are placed further forward on the board than most boards, making it easier to spin and quicker to accelerate.

    Bring the Phase 5 Ahi on the boat and be assured that your wakesurf sesh will go swimmingly well.


    • 53″ x 20″ x 1.5″ – 19 Liter Volume = For Riders 90 – 185 lbs.
    • 46″ x 18.75″x 1.25″ up to 150lbs


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