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    16 years in the making, and Ronix has yet again found a way to update and perfect the One. Without further ado, we give you the Ronix One Time Bomb Wakeboard. The most explosive core made by Ronix to-date, the Timebomb will make every hit feel like a double up. Featuring a bombproof sidewall and sintered base, this stick can take a beating, and won’t give out after repeated thrashes, rail bashes, and double up to flat landing stomps. Built to send, the Ronix One Time Bomb Wakeboard is the rocket ship of wakeboards, and will boost your airs to astronomical, extraterrestrial levels.

    The Timebomb has a blended core of Aircore foam and Mod pour foam with parallel carbon that gives you the lightest and most responsive One board you can get. The most explosive core we make-every jump feels like a double up!

    For years now, Ronix has reduced the rocker line of the One series, creating more water contact with each progression, resulting in a quicker board.  With this new shape we kept the total height the same but changed the position where the main arc start.  Instanly our test team was having a synoym contest for the word speed.  Don’t necessarily wat a faster board?  This added glide speed just makes wakeboarding simpler and easier with so little resistance approching a wake.  You may break a speed record if you were on the salt flats of Utah.  Deeper channels for added traction along with reducing the thickness in some areas by as much as 50 percent for more contact with the water and the new speed walls add to it’s quick nature and increased durability.

    • Speed Walls – Vertical poured urethane creates more top water speed and a durable bumper from those floating menace
    • Thin profile reduces swing weight and increases feel with water or features
    • Simple bottom shape – the board lands with more natural forward momentum
    • Deeper side vents for fins – the best in traction with a looser feel and a quick release
    • Glide Speed – improved speed and less fatigue
    • 4 Detachable 1.0” ramp fins
    • The fastest pro model Danny Harf has ever ridden

    SIZING / RIDER WEIGHT:   138 cm — up to 180 lbs.   /   142 cm — 170 lbs. and up   /   146 cm — 175 lbs. and up

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