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    Ronix Parks Camber Aircore

    Weather you wanna be on top or bottom, Camber is the way to go… The lightest core Ronix has ever created for the rider that wants holeshot response out of a turn, and the least amount of swing wieght in the air. Thought you knew everything a wakeboard could do? Camber is the biggest devlopment in riding since Herb O’Brien made the first fiberglass layup. Camber naturally puts you in more of a neutrally balanced wieght distribution-allowing you to drive off the wake with both legs in a more ergonomically balanced body position. This is hard charging alternative to our other camber series-The Space Blanket-for a rider that wants instant board response. A shape that as soon as you take that first ollie, you will know you are riding something totally different to what you are used to. Endorsed by Parks Bonifay, Shota Tezuka, and Dallas Friday.

    • Air Core- Lightest board with the most energy
    • Center variable edge – a sharper rail and a softer bevel create a controlled accelerated edge transfer with a forgiving bottom design
    • Tip/Tail variable edge – an even more vertical rail allows the end of the board to ride higher on the water and prevents the board from burying the edge on big cuts with a sharper bevel for quicker response into a turn
    • Thinner profile reduces swing weight – A clean bottom design – the board lands with more natural forward momentum allowing us to use cleaner bottoms
    • Glide Speed – puts smiles on riders faces since not very long ago and can potentially cure the common cold
    • 4 alloy 1.0” fins & 4 fiberglass .8” babooshka fins
    • Parks Bonifay approved

    SIZING / RIDER WEIGHT:    139 cm — 160 lbs. and up

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