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    When you’re in space there’s no way to know how fast you’re moving. Lucky for us the new Ronix Space Blanket ATR Wakeboard achieves cruising speed in no time thanks to its gravity-defying construction. Crafted using Ronix s own Air Core Construction, the Space Blanket features the lightest core Ronix¬†has ever engineered for the rider who craves increased responsiveness coupled with the least amount of swing weight in the air. Representing the next generation in camber boards the Space Blanket boasts 20% less resistance with the water, plus its innovative shaping allows you to ride in an ergonomically correct position. Its bulletproof ATR Construction and vertical poured urethane speedwalls mean the Ronix Space Blanket ATR Wakeboard will hold up season after season even if you happen to encounter some space junk.

    Air Core Construction – The lightest core we have ever created for the rider that wants holeshot response out of a turn, and the least amount of swing weight in the air.

    ATR Construction – A bulletproof layup process complete with 8 different fins to fine tune your boat or cable riding needs.

    Sizes 141

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