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     Imagine if lions had wings… They would be the apex predators of both land and air. We’d probably have to start calling them Bills too, because the Ronix Bill Mute Core Wakeboard is also an impossibly agile killer behind the boat and in the park. It’s versatility is a product of Ronix s Mute Core. Starting with a lightweight Paulownia wood, Ronix added some vibration-dampening secret sauce in the tip and tail to calm the chatter of typical wood core boards. They’ve also wrapped this core with Magic Carpet and Monocoque laminates to strengthen its performance for riders that really put their boards through the wringer — i.e. the Kinetik Crew. For intermediate to advanced riders that refuse to commit to one discipline of wakeboarding, the Ronix Bill Mute Core Wakeboard does it all with ease.
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